Hi, I'm Nucoun.

Our mission to innovate compels us to continuously push limits, crafting top-tier, groundbreaking products that redefine the industry. With features like BLINK CIS technology, we set new standards for counterfeit currency detection.

Handle Your Cash With Ease

Nucoun - your reliable cash handling assistant, allowing you to process money efficiently and accurately with no hassle.

US Dollar Mix Mode

Our innovative US Dollar Mix Mode feature accurately and efficiently counts stacks of bills with different denominations, saving you time and hassle in your cash handling process.
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SDC Sorting Mode

Bill counter will only count one denomination of currency at a time. It will pause counting as soon as it detects a different denomination, allowing the user to sort their bills.
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Multi-Currencies Mode

Our money counter machine can identify and count different types of currencies at one time!
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Serial Number Reading

Our machine can automatically read and record the serial numbers of the bills for record-keeping or anti-counterfeiting purposes.
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Batch Mode

Users are allowed to set the desired number of bills that they want to count, and the currenc counter will automatically stop counting when that number is reached.
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Accumulation Mode

With accumulation mode, the machine can accumulate the total number of bills counted and display it on the screen, allowing the user to keep track of their cash flow over time.
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